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Custom 1998 Legacy Outback STI

205,000 miles and ZERO rust, rarely driven in winter the first 12 years at which time car was hit in front breaking timing belt. Then in about 2014 I bought the car, repaired body and swapped in a '06 Legacy GT engine (EJ257) and drivetrain with 2004 STI ECU for 300 HP.
Now being upgraded to fresh engine, body lift of additional 1.25" and total lift of 3" more than stock Outback. Has 06 STI springs on Outback struts. Cats deleted, TGV deletes, stainless 3" downpipe.

Just a note, those ads on Ebay that say lift ratio is not 1 to 1 are wrong. They just don't know what type suspension the gen1 has. 2 inch spacer gives 2 inches lift.



After removing everything from perfect rust free body, all parts sandblasted,
primered and painted. Brakes upgraded to 4 / 2 pot from '07 WRX

Click on picture for large view

Front looking back

Back looking to front



Old front suspention

Left rear suspension


Rear suspension

Diff and axles

Transmisson crossmember

Reconditioned front parts

New hardware

Rear diff support

Diff and driveshaft

Rear lateral links
With new bushings

Engine and trans ready
to go back in

Engine and trans finished

On the hook

Rear crossmembers and diff

Spacers on diff support

Rear knuckle and shock

Front knuckle and shock

Rear crossmember and spacer

Rear knuckle and caliper finished

Front caliper and rotor
to test wheel fit

Caliper clears wheel!

Because engine was further lowered in the body, the intake and intercooler needed to be raised 50mm so intercooler would clear engine brace from firewall.

3D printed intake spacer
Later replaced with custom
aluminum spacer

Left side of intake

Right side of intake

04 STI scoop grafted to hood



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